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Meeting Unmet Needs in the Tourism Sector

Travelport is located in the center of the rapidly developing world. It meets previously unmet customer needs with both foresight and innovation movements.


Today, very important changes have occurred in the 7 trillion dollars travel and tourism industry in the last 3 years. The internet began to evolve, the ways travel providers to sell their products improved, and the expectations of travelers increased. Travelport is located in the center of the rapidly developing world. It meets the previously unmet needs of customers with both foresight and innovation movement. Watch the video to discover how we are redefining our unique approach and innovative products for our users.

We redefine the breadth and depth of travel options

Regardless of your business model or the technology you use, we have created a platform where content from all providers will be integrated.

Our platform offers hundreds of thousands of content to the world's leading travel providers. It includes more than 400 airlines, leading low-cost airlines, more than 600 thousand hotel properties, 35 thousand car rental centers, 55 cruises, tour operators, and 12 railway providers.

We redefine your selling method

Thanks to Travelport Smartpoint, we improve the sales experience of agencies with world-leading sales window and integrated workflow solutions.

Companies choose Travelport to take advantage of the latest technology and access real-time content. This system allows companies to manage their travel, authorization and procurement processes with content such as corporate customer profiles and pre-travel approvals.

Last year, 85 billion dollars worth of travel transactions took place through our platform. 120 million flight tickets, 61 million overnights, 76 million car rentals and 4.2 million rail journeys were booked.

We are redefining travel payments​

Travelport has developed its own B2B travel payment model thanks to Enett, which enables payment in multiple currencies through its reliable MasterCard network with single-use virtual account numbers (VANs).

By integrating eNett into sales solutions, our customers can benefit from the more efficient, secure, and fraud-free payment.

Travel providers can now automatically receive their payments faster through the MasterCard acceptance model. This reduces operating and management costs.

We continue to increase our share of 780 billion dollars by taking advantage of our commercial travel network.

We are redefining travel technology

With an investment of 400 million dollars made through our open and easily accessible platform to which we are connected, we are carrying out more than 900 billion travel transactions within 1 year.

Our powerful and rock-solid system includes more than 300 developers who make Travelport Universal API (program application interface) software to access industry-leading travel content through a single source and has 99.994% core system uptime.

This flexible approach attracts developers who are effective, customer-oriented and aiming to produce using the latest technology.

More developers connect with us, creating the app ecosystem and bespoke solutions to further improve the platform for users.


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