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Future proofing your investment with technology that grows with your needs for richer content and capabilities.


Travelport Smartpoint App evolves the Galileo Desktop™ product with dynamic and interactive technology that improves travel agents productivity and customer service:


•  Supports commands from any GDS in a cryptic environment

•  Uses a mix of cryptic, point-and-click and graphical pop-ups to search low fares, make bookings and manage queues.

•  Reduces keystrokes for an overall booking process by 15% and up to 72% when searching for the ‘best’ fare.

•  Be up and running in minutes.


Get to know Smartpoint App


It’s easy. Travelport Smartpoint App evolves the Galileo Desktop with dynamic and interactive technology to dramatically improve travel consultant productivity and customer service. Through XML, Smartpoint App infuses your desktop with a hybrid of native and point-and-click navigation, plus graphical user interfaces – all designed to guide travel consultants through the most efficient booking processes.

Extraordinary workflow optimiser for front line and call centre operations: Smartpoint App empowers your business by building on how travel consultants work today. It supports Galileo system commands, keyboard navigation controls, shortcuts, Quick Commands and Pkeys.


A birds-eye view: The double window layout provides an effective reference of items currently booked on one side, and on the other side, colour-coded and clickable elements help decode terms, provide more information or simply assist with booking processes.


Intelligent translation capabilities: This competitive advantage lets your consultants use entries that are native to other global distribution systems (GDSs). That’s right. Other GDS entries can be translated to perform requests and transactions in Galileo and
Apollo, making Smartpoint App a valuable tool for consultants with other system experience.

A path to the future: Smartpoint App is an accelerator to Travelport Universal DesktopTM – the next generation in Travelport  technology. When the timing is right to make the move to Universal Desktop, your staff will be familiar with smart technology (native  GDS entries) and graphical windows.


Infinitely faster processes


Smartpoint App powers up core functions to substantially reduce keystrokes when shopping and booking itineraries. For example,keystrokes for an average reservation process are reduced 15 percent and keystrokes for a fares-led low-fare search, powered by Travelport e-Pricing™, are reduced by more than 70 percent.

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Smartpoint for Worldspan

Smartpoint for Galileo

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