TSL is committed to keep its subscribers informed with latest happenings in the company and industry.  Our publications include two monthly newsletters and a bi-annually magazine.




TSL glossy, vibrant and pictorial bi-annual newsletter, 'The Globe’ is targeted at the travel trade. It provides an insight into the latest Galileo products, events, corporate activities, future trends, industry news, agency and agent profiles along with interesting quizzes and competitions.



Galink is Galileo's monthly news bulletin that is faxed out to the travel industry during the first week of every month. It basically covers Master Tips, Airline News, Industry News & What’s New @ Galileo.




Spanner is Worldspan's monthly news bulletin that is also faxed out to the travel industry during the first week of each month. It contains Master Tips,  Airline News, Industry News & Whats New @ Worldspan.

Travelport Facts


Travelport partners with over two dozen car rental companies, providing access to 30,000 car rental locations around the world.

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